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Our Pledge, “Best Rates – Best Service”

When choosing a company to trust with your property management & maintenance service(s), one of the most important items that you should be aware of is how the company views their most valued resource, you.

PMPM, LLC. understands that our entire process begins and ends with you, the client. You hire us to protect your investment, not drown you in fees. We believe that you, the owner, should be enjoying the profits of your investment and not a property management company. We personalize our services to fit your needs and budget.  Our professional managers, experienced brokers and award winning REALTORS® are just the beginning. Whether you need a qualified tenant for your property and need the grass cut, or someone to replace a roof and fix a foundation, we do it all!!!

The experience of your leasing experts and property management professionals is key to your success as a landlord. Visit our professionals here

While it would be difficult to list all of the services that we provide, here is a professional introduction to them. Our services include, but are not limited to…

  • Occupancy & Leasing Management
  • Facility Operation & Maintenance Services
  • Tenant Relations
  • Operating Budget Development & Management
  • Vendor and Subcontractor Relations
  • Rent Collection
  • Property Inspections
  • Market & Rent Analysis
  • Facilitate Third-Party Legal & Accounting Services
  • Comprehensive Account Management based on specialized client needs
  • Customized Financial and Accounting Services
  • Detailed reporting developed specifically for each unique property, including:
  • Monthly Financial & Operating Reports
  • Property Inspection Reports
  • Leasing Activity & Occupancy Reports

We provide residential management services for the following types of properties…

  • Individual Residential Dwellings
  • Conventional Apartment Condos, Townhomes, Complexes and Communities
  • Section 8 Housing Units
  • Residential Associations (Townhomes and/or Condominiums) – Coming Soon



When you compare our service valuations to other companies, we always strive to outbid our competitors, all, while not sacrificing our services. We do not add admin fees for every little thing. We just view our industry differently than our competitors do, we understand that there is more to leasing your home, than handing a tenant a key and collecting a fee.